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 G.W. Investments Network, LP

Leland Crow,
Trustee of Crow Family Trust.

I have known Mr. Launius most of his life.  He was raised the old-fashioned way (Honesty, Loyalty, & Respect).
I lived in California since 1955. I dabbled in real estate and did well.  Since Mr. Launius was in real estate, I asked him to invest in some rental property in Missouri for me.  Being on top everything he spent my money well.  He is a good judge of people.  My investments have survived a recession and come out on top.  I have faith in his judgement.

Dr. Dennis N. McIlroy
Lifetime Learning

Grant became a student at Lifetime Learning in 2001 and continued his education in Real Estate and appraising to this day.  During those years, Grant demonstrated competency, efficiency, and kindness throughout his educational experience.  In 2015 Grant began to develop an investment plan to share with people looking for a safe way to create a good return on real property.  Because of his extraordinary research and study he created a product well worth consideration.  One would be hard pressed to find a better potential return in relationship to such a modest investment.



About G.W. Investments Network, LP

  Our goal is to make real estate investing an obtainable option to a wider range of the public and to give current investors an additional avenue to complement their existing ventures.  To accomplish this goal, we have developed a program without the need of a large upfront outlay of capital or the high risk of liability.

  The goals and criteria of the G.W. Investments Network, LP were formed by our experience as investors, brokers, appraisers, salespersons, and individuals looking to be rewarded proportionally for their efforts.  The foundation of our program is the debt free ownership of income producing property.  As we watched and worked through the 2008 crisis it was made very apparent that those investors with debt obligations made decisions based on their debt position.  Investors with free and clear ownership of income producing properties had more options and with better potential for long term profit.  Debt free ownership means you can make better decisions on maintenance and management with your objectives in mind and not the banks motives.  How to accomplish this and a plan of continual growth is the ground work of developing G.W. Investments Network, LP. 

  To purchase income producing properties with cash will require large sums of capital and time to accumulate that capital.  How to attract and keep investors through the startup stage was the next challenge.  How can a reasonable income be produced from an investment while accumulating the capital needed to purchase properties?  The answer, networking. 

Founder & General Partner:  Grant Launius, Missouri licensed real estate broker, Owner of G.W. Investments & Appraisals (no longer appraising).

  Mr. Launius began his real estate career in 1985 by investing in single and multifamily homes in southern Kansas, with a focus on foreclosure properties.  He then became a licensed salesperson part-time and was mentored by Bus Oleson of Gregg-Oleson Real Estate.  It was in this time that Mr. Launius learned the importance of properly valuing property for the purpose it was to be used for or could be used for. 

  At this same time Mr. Launius experienced hard lessons you can be told, but made those mistakes just the same.  Due to unforeseen circumstances (unforeseen by him) of an economy down turn and being unwisely over leveraged in investment properties he lost one property which directly led to the loss of his home.  He resolved to not be in that position again.

  After moving to southern Missouri and getting his financial affairs in order Mr. Launius got back into the single-family rental market.  After seeing the appraisal work being accepted he decided to pursue a career as an appraiser.  He received his formal education at Lifetime Learning in Springfield, Mo. combined that with his mentoring from Mr. Oleson and opened G.W. Investments & Appraisals in 2001.  He then received his broker’s license and offered a full service real estate office with the focus on investment properties.   While operating with quality brokers and salespeople they ran a successful appraisal and sales office and by being aware of the total real estate market nationwide could see and hear the train coming.  When loans are being made at a 125 percent to loan value, something is going to give.  We discussed it many times in the office and watched it happen. 

  Mr. Launius sold his investment properties at the top and got ready to weather the storm, and he did.  He got out of the appraisal business when it got more political and less about true value.  It was during this time that the subject of how to prepare for the next cycle became a main topic of thought.  Seeing that the debt free investors were calm and comfortable with their position and very unwilling to sell.  Value fluctuation in their properties did not shake them or their income.  Vacancies were not going to cost them their property, only a short income delay.  This is the starting point of the program detailed as G.W. Investments Network, LP.  It began as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), but with wise council was developed into a Limited Partnership to better accomplish the goals of the venture.

  There are many who have contributed to the formation of G.W. Investments Network, LP, but cannot be named at this time due to associative affiliations and/or humble nature.  All the glory goes to God.

"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."                    Zig Ziglar