Welcome to the future of real estate investing.  You are being invited to join the G.W. Investments Network, Limited Partnership and receive a percentage of the income stream produced by the rents collected from the apartments that we invest in.  This is a revolutionary new concept in real estate limited partnerships (LP).  It is designed to make investing available to everybody.  This network will give individuals access to the lucrative income of rental property, but without the liability and demands of individual ownership.

This is not to replace current investing methods, but to give an additional innovative tool to the experienced investor as well as those considering the diversified options available in real estate investing.  This creative, “Out-of-the Box” concept is formed from our experience of the past 30 years in the sale, investment and appraisal of the real estate markets.  By using this experience to develop this network we are offering our current and new investors an additional means of profiting in the real estate markets.

  The innovative structure of the G.W. Investments Network, LP offers the residual incomes to be received in weekly payments and quarterly dividends.  This is appealing to individuals seeking financial stability for retirement, college savings, or just to supplement day to day living expenses.  The current real estate investor already realizes the many advantages afforded the real estate investment market.  We will capitalize on this by adding a method of continual growth of capital for investing, leading to increased asset value.  This has a strong attraction to growth conscious investors. 

    Comparing the G.W. Investments Network, LP to typical real estate investments is like comparing the iPhone with the AT&T rotary dial phone.  The G.W. Investments Network, LP offers multiple sources of incomes and constantly growing in value each month.  Unlike the standard practice of financing the purchase of income producing properties our goal will be to pay cash for the properties.   The debt free structure and monthly contribution of capital into the network by the limited partners changes the whole quarterly payment and valuation formula by greatly increasing each month the equity value of the network’s assets.  Our goal is to return an above average
return on investment (ROI).  This will be achieved through the continuous monthly investment from the investors which will provide a means to purchase properties paid in full, eliminating debt service.  With the debt-free approach to holding properties it will free up funds for a higher and more consistent degree of maintenance without diminishing the value of the quarterly payments.  The higher degree of maintenance will help to draw a more stable occupancy and command the higher end of the rental rates than comparable apartment complexes, all adding to a higher value of return on investment.  With the monthly increase of capital it will lead to the ability to grow in value at an exponential rate.   The incomes produced by the properties will be used to pay substantial quarterly dividends.    

Now for the really GOOD stuff: Your Income

  As with many alternative investments, G.W. Investments Network, LP offers multiple sources of income.  In this case two incomes.  The first and the strongest income in the long run has been mentioned above and will be explained in greater detail here.  This is what the purpose of the network is all about, multiplying your investment dollar value in the partnership, and purchasing income producing properties, primarily apartment complexes.  The long term plan here is to consistently grow the number of properties owned by the network and increase the value of the assets (rents collected; income stream) by the continual growth of the capital fund to purchase income producing properties.  This develops in to a very large quarterly payment paid to you as the size of the network grows. 

  The objective is to raise enough capital in the form of cash through the partnership to buy the properties debt-free.  Using cash to buy properties is the best and strongest leverage there is, as opposed to the typical leverage (debt) used by traditional investment practices.  By eliminating the monthly debt service from the cost of ownership it leaves a much larger net income each month.  The net income is where the money comes from to pay the quarterly dividends.  To accumulate the funds needed to purchase the properties debt-free the partners contribute each month a capital fee to the network.  The monthly capital fee is $75.  The fee is set at this low rate to make this opportunity available to a much larger segment of individuals.  This $75 is a capital investment and is still your money, and is invested by the network for a profit.  The return on investment (ROI) comes as the network buys properties, collects rents, and pays the
net income (income after expenses) back to you each quarter.  The formula used to calculate the payment of the quarterly dividends is explained in detail in the "Terms & Conditions" on the FAQs page, along with a conservative estimated ROI up to five years.  The payments are calculated to pay a proportionally equal return to every investor according to the amount of their investment; The percentage of payments made by the individual investor compared to all payments made to the capital fund. 

  The $75 capital fee is a portion of the monthly fee the partners pay each month.  The more capital fees that are paid each month the faster and stronger the network grows and purchases more properties to pay larger quarterly dividends.  The capital fee payment represents a position in the network and the partners can hold as many positions in the network as they want.  Thereby receiving a larger percentage of the quarterly dividend payments from the income stream. 

  The second method of income for you is by inviting others to become limited partners also. This is how you get your monthly commitment covered and generates a weekly income to help you over until your quarterly dividends grow to be substantial enough to fund your needs and pay for your goals. 

  Generally, limited partnerships are designed for the general partners to profit most.  G.W. Investments Network, LP is designed to make a profit for the investor, not off of the investor.  With this in mind the limited partners sell limited partnerships to other investors to increase the number of capital payments invested into the network each month.  When you invite an investor in to the network and they join, you are their host and the invited investor is your guest.  The guest pays a monthly fee to their host.  This is what helps to minimize your out of pocket expenses.   Now your new guest will become a host as they invite new investors in to the network.  NO this is not an illegal pyramid.  Please refer to the Federal Trade Commission’s web site concerning illegal pyramids.
https://www.ftc.gov/public-statements/1998/05/pyramid-schemes  .  We do utilize a couple of aspects of network marketing,  https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/multilevel-marketing  .  Please go to our FAQs page and also google the comments from Warren Buffet (He owns three MLM companies) and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad. Poor Dad) concerning Network Marketing and its potential for success. 

  Now back to your business.  When your new guest invites investors in to the network, as a host, they will past up to you the second and fourth guests that they invite (just as you did for your host), and they are now your guests.  All other guests they invite stay with them .  When they have retained ten guests, invited by them not passed up to them, they will be required to purchase another position in the network to continue to invite investors.  This is one way the network will grow in depth and the partner will receive a larger percentage of the income stream.  This cycle is repeated with each partner, growing the capital fund by each position. 

  The partner’s monthly fees break down as follows.  $75 capital fee (for investment), $25 network management fee (to cover overhead and expenses of the network), and $100 partnerships fee (paid to your host) totaling $200 per month.  When you have invited three guests your fees are covered for that position (2nd guest past to your host), no money out of your pocket for your fees.  The minimum required to join the network is $200 for one position, but the wisest investment strategy is to start with two positions.

  That is the opportunity available to you.  Go to the FAQs page. If your questions are not answered, email us at info@gwin2016.com .  If you are inexperienced in investing seek the council from someone you trust and has experience.  Our goal is for you to feel comfortable in your decision to join our venture.

Keep in mind the story of the man that was at his house with a flood heading his way.  The National Guard came by to save him.  He said “No, the Lord will save me.”  The water came up and a boat came by.  He said “No, the Lord will save me.”  The water got higher and he was on the roof and a helicopter came by.  He said “No, the Lord will save me.”  As the man stood at the Pearly Gates he says to St. Peter “I thought the Lord would save me.”  St. Peter replied “I sent the National Guard, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?”  Are you waiting for the helicopter?  This is a solid opportunity to help stabilize your finances or use as a tool in your investment strategy.

  We offer the promotional tools for the partners to grow their positions and support to help.

  Go to the sign-up page with the ID no. of your host (if no host use 0000*** and the network manager will assign a host) and let’s build a future in real estate  investing together.


We are offering an opportunity to acquire two positions for the investment of $300 for each of the first three months.  Saving $100 a month for your first initial sign up.

Your first position total fee is $200/month.  Your second position fee for sign up and the next two months would be just $100, paying the partnership fee and not paying the capital or network management fees.

With Terms &


"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."                    Zig Ziglar

 G.W. Investments Network, LP