G.W. Investments Network, LP

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"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."                    Zig Ziglar

Welcome to the Future of real estate investing.

  This is a new vehicle for real estate investing with a low entry level investment so as to offer opportunity to a wider range of investors and has a substantial return potential the first year.  This is not to replace current investing methods, but to give an additional innovative tool to the experienced investor as well as those considering the diversified options available in real estate investing. With the Limited Partnership corporate structure a group of investors can join together and multiply their investment power to increase the return on their investment.     This will be of great value to new real estate investors, individuals seeking a stable income with reasonable return on investment, Baby Boomers looking to enrich their retirement, unemployed Baby Boomers, and the underemployed needing to fortify their income.

  The concept of the G.W. Investments Network, LP operates on the debt free principle of ownership of the properties owned by the network.  Typically real estate investments use financing for the purchase of their properties, leading to debt service costs that diminish the returns paid to the investors.  Acquiring properties debt free (paid in full) at the time of purchase produces a larger return on investment for the partners and greater flexibility in decisions of management, maintenance, and improvements.   

    The debt free ownership is accomplished by the monthly investment from the partners of the network, but this monthly fee is offset by the sale of limited partnerships so that the investor has minimal out-of-pocket expenses. 

   The partners of the network will have access to their own web page with information concerning their degree of investment into the network and the pertinent data on the properties held by the G.W. Investments Network, LP.  Partners will have access to tools to be able to verify property information.

     We are now offering limited partnerships.  To learn more details of the G.W. Investments Network, LP, please go to our Details page and if you have more  questions, contact us by email  and we will be happy to answer your questions.